By Dr Yannopulos · Published April 3, 2019

Unmistakable signs that you need emergency dental care

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Like other branches of medicine, Dental care also provides emergency care services. Any dental problem that needs to be taken care of immediately comes under the dental emergency umbrella. The care and services are provided to save the teeth and put an end to dental injuries from escalating to other serious problems. Treatment is provided to patients with high and immediate importance.

Dental emergencies need not always happen due to injuries or accidents, it can happen to due infections in the oral region. It can also be due to any dental procedures that have not received the deserved effect and might need more simple procedures or emergency dental care at the dentist. Different procedures are performed by skilled dentists to preserve the teeth and soft gum tissues to maintain and preserve oral health.

Signs showing the need for emergency dental care

Loose Teeth – Loose teeth that have come out of its alignment or knocked out is a clear sign of needing emergency dental care. It is not something you can treat by yourself or keep off for another day. Loose teeth often show signs of underlying issues. This can be because of infection in the mouth which has resulted in the teeth moving from its original position. If it is an infection, then the dentist will suggest procedures and measures that one need to take to set right the dental problem. Sports injuries and accidents can also result in teeth coming out loose. When seeking dental care, dentists will conduct a thorough examination to diagnose the extent of the injury and provide dental care.

Bleeding and ache in the gums – Swollen red gums which bleed when you brush is something that needs to be taken care of. Inflamed gums can also cause immense pain which increases when you chew or consume food. Bleeding in the gums should not be considered as something normal as bleeding might stop when you stop irritating them. These are indications which your body gives to seek dental care. Gum diseases or periodontal diseases all show aching and bleeding gums as one of the symptoms. Those diseases need to be treated as soon as possible as otherwise it might lead to severe tooth loss.

Toothache and Tooth numbness – This is one of the most common problems that many have suffered. Because it is common it is often ignored as something not requiring care and attention. Recurring toothache is something that needs to be examined. Following good dental hygiene practices helps to prevent minor toothache. But if severe then it can be due to other serious dental problems. Dentists can identify the root cause of the pain and treat it effectively.

Tooth numbness can happen after extreme tooth ache. Infection in the teeth can be one of the reasons why this happens. Pain in the tooth is experienced when there is an infection, but when it spreads to the root area of the tooth and affects the pulp region, the tooth loses its ability to feel the pain and becomes numb.

Fractured teeth – Fractured or cracked teeth also need emergency dental care. This is not a situation which can be treated at some other time. If the fracture is severe then it can also affect gums and other adjacent teeth. If the teeth are cracked and it does not cause much pain, one can seek dental care at a later time. But only the dentists can gauge how much the injury has affected the oral tissue and other teeth. Hence it is advisable to seek emergency care as soon as possible. This can be accompanied by bleeding in the gums which can bring additional damage to the oral region.

Swollen Jaws – Jaws which are swollen often shows infection in the jaws. This infection can be on the gums itself or it can be due to infection of the glands in the mouth. This can lead to pain in the jaws, difficulty in opening your mouth or swallowing. This can also be accompanied by bad breath. Salivary gland is not able to function properly and this will also affect chewing and digestion of food. When these symptoms are experienced it is better to seek help from a skilled dentist as oral health and hygiene can be seriously compromised if care is not taken.

Headaches – Constant headaches also reflect dental problems. Headaches are caused when there is cold or fever but if it is recurring it can also be due to dental problems. Teeth and head are closely connected and diseases such as decay in the teeth, severe gum diseases, tooth grinding can also cause headaches. It is important that proper advice is sought and treatment is done to combat the problem.

What is mentioned is not an exhaustive list of all signs that point towards emergency dental care. Dental emergencies can also happen after one undergoes any dental procedure. The crown that you have placed on your tooth can come off or the filling in your tooth can fall off. All these need immediate care and one should not postpone or try to deal with it themselves.

If one notices signs or symptoms that are not common or recurring, then it is important that proper dental consultation is sought. If the pain or symptom is severe then emergency attention must be given to set right the problem. It might be a reflection of other significant issues that need to be given immediate attention.

Following good oral hygiene practices are important. Equally important is dental consultations. Taking care of ensuring a good lifestyle and taking care of food habits is also important. What one consumes affects greatly oral health. Forgetting to clean mouth after each meal is important. If this is not done, then food particles can get trapped in between teeth and cause dental problems. Proper care and attention must be given to oral health at all times.